Stress Relief

oh man...  yesterday was all about wearing myself out, and getting rid of all this stress that is really annoying me.

Classes here can be so goddamn boring, it:s rather uncanny.  Normal school is easy to sit through boring ass classes, because the only last 52 minutes.  Classes here last a full 1 1/2 hours, so you really have to hold on for the long haul.

During society, i turned to brian and said that i really have to do something physical to counter balance all this boredom.  i really need to smack something.  Once class FINALLY ended, we went down to the office to rent out some sporting supplies for such activities.

we got a basketball, eventually, and the sports club showed up too, so we played some ping pong and badminton.  Ah... delicious stress relief.  Badminton is an excellent form of stress relief because you can hit the birdie as hard as you possible can and it really won:t go that far.

Everything was going pretty well, until i did a sweet volley move and torn the ass out of my pants.  Meh...  i still continued to kick ass smashing the birdie around.

Dance practice was immediately after the sports club get together, which also provided an excellent form of wearing out all my pent up energy.  Brian joined up today too.  We:re actually getting pretty good at the soran dance.  We don:t know the entire thing, but we:ve got the beginning down pretty well.

I actually put as much effort i could into dancing this time, so today, as i write this, my ass cheeks are pretty firm and sore.  I should really do this type of thing more often, if it means exercising muscles in my ass.

I was worn out pretty good by the time dance practice was over.  Brian and I headed home, picked up some groceries, and made some DELICIOUS curry.

However..  i still needed something more to smack around.  We headed up the hill behind the dorm to the driving range to take care of that.  ahh...  the ultimate, and my personal favorite, form of stress relief.  smashing golf balls.

It was amazingly cheap too..  100 yen for group entry, and 500 yen for each bucket of balls.  Amazing.  We each grabbed a bucket of balls, a loner club, and proceeded to smash golf balls.

It felt quite good to take my frustration out on something that really deserved it.  Golf balls are such a vain piece of sporting equipment.  If you actually play the sport, you end up losing so many of them.  Driving ranges are perfect because you don:t have to worry about stupid things like aiming or power.  You just swing as firmly and hard as you can and send the bastard flying.

My golf clubs kinda suck though..  I think when i return to the states, i should really invest in a new driver and some golf gloves.  Something to really beat the shit out of those little white spheres.

As luck would have it, this driving range had a pretty nice lounge area, complete with indoor putting range, couches, and tv with more than 4 channels.  After smashing golf balls, we watched this extreme gauntlet show where muscle bound men climbed through an obstacle course.

....  well, i:ve gotta go to class now, so i think i:ll finish this later.  chow.

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