Back to Japan

Flying to japan is a rather magical journey.  The flight itself is rather long and restless.  At one point you get bored looking at Canada, shut the window shade and fall into an oxygenated euphoric sleep..  Outside still stays brilliantly white.  The plane is practically staying still as the earth passes underneath.. floating in orbit.  Ascending away from the planet known as America.

The plane is bathed in white as you continue to dose.

The cabin lights awaken you as they are illuminated.  Yet another microwaved meal is served.  Outside is still white, but the ocean below has become visible.

As you stare at the open sea, the horizon begins to bend.  A dark strip of land begins to separate sky and sea.  The black mountainous terrain of japan pierces the ocean and reaches towards the sky.

A whole new planet.  Violent jagged volcanic rock fill the water..  A vast contrast to the peaceful flat surface of America.  Miles of urban terrain are hugged by the mountains.

The plane touches down and pulls into the terminal.  I pull out my alien cellphone and turn it on.  Beep beep bing!  It has reception!  The poor thing finally found its signal after being away for so long.

That is when I truly felt like i returned to this beautiful land.  It is one thing to look outside and see the wondrous differences...  The land, the people, the language.  Reconnecting into the Japanese network verifies everything that my eyes see.

I sent a bunch of messages out to people and started chatting.  Good times.

Currently, i'm sitting in the exact spot I did six months ago when i arrived the first time.  Back then all i was thinking was, "oh god, i hope i can find five without difficult." Now, i'm thinking about what i should do tonight: stay in Fukuoka or bus to Nagasaki. Spend the night at a cybac or an actual hotel..  Or bother five for a night.

My home away from home.  More exercise and better food..  though, more expensive with no income.


Also, my slick ass American phone doesn't catch reception over here.  Surprise, surprise.  I think i was supposed to sign up for some international service before i left, though.  Oh well..  It still works as a great text editor.

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