Fucking Amperos..  yet another late night venture ruined by insecurity

Amperos is an 8 story all-girls dormatory which lies at the bottom of the mountain that Gaidai sits atop of.  Gaidai being short for Nagasaki Gaigokokugo Daigaku, which is japanese for Nagasaki Foreign Language University.  Through some sorrid twist of fate, they put the girls dormatory right next to the school, but the guys dorm is a mile or two away.

One year, some guy started harassing some girls and tried to break in through the front.  I mean, come on..  who wouldn't right?  So, they erected a 7 foot fence circling the perimeter to keep the old perverts out of there.

That wasn't enough for another old guy, since he just went over the fence and then was free to harass.  Steps had to be taken..  They lined their 1 foot thick concrete fences with 2 inter-weaving lines of barbed wire.  But only along the landlocked portion of the perimeter.

Since Amperos is near the bottom of the mountain, its' north side hugs the road the continues up the mountain to gaidai.  This has been easy to climb up and jump over before.  The south face over looks the mountain as it continues down into a ravine.  The drop is about 5 or 6 stories into the runoff river below.  So, they must've figured that no one would get in that way.

This was still an invitation for some guys, who have tried to scale that muddy rock wall to reach the fence and climb right on in.  I don't know if they put barbed wire along the south wall yet.

I think all this over security just breeds challenge for those uninvited.  Its not possible to ever be 100% secure.  The illusion of all this safety really just puts a big spotlight on yourself.

Anyways, needless to say, they are pretty strict about the 'girls only' rule.  Each person entering the building is greeted by an orderly who stands watch during the hours when Amperos is open.  Girls must return to Amperos by 10p or 11p depending on the night or else they are locked out for the evening.  I guess they can't pay someone to be at the post 24 hours.

This whole thing really screws them over when they want to go out for the night to a bar and drink until whenever they've had enough.  More over, it screws up a guys night when he wants his friends to join him at beardo.  Much like last night..  Of course, the night probably would've been fine if i still had a room at the guy's dorm :/.. oh well

This is how last night ended..  Hoping a bus back downtown to five's place, getting some sleep and watching Fugitive 2 on the movie channel.

Overall yesterday was quite fun.  I met up with mennat, natalie, miho and tina for dinner.  3 of which live in Amperos.

I ran into a couple random friends, too.  A chinese guy from the forms and a chinese girl from the dance club.  Both pretty surprised to see me.  My chinese pal's first words to me, after asking why i was here was, "wahh, you're fat"..  thank you.. at least someone said what had been on my mind for the past couple weeks.  "Americans like to eat a lot of meat," he said, "its so cheap."  I love non-westerner simplistic honesty..

"yeah..  that and i hardly get any exercise, eat fast-food a little too often, and have been developing a fatty recipe for about two months," i replied.  Hmm...  well there are 3 easy things i can change about my current lifestyle right off the bat.

Maybe i'll also try utilizing Madison's metro system as an excuse to use my legs for a change.  Then again, i'll probably get back and just say fuck it.  Its earie how easy it is to be lazy in America.  If fast food was healthier, in general, the whole population would start to become just a little bit healthier, in general.  It sucks, because all the healthy food in America either tastes bad, takes preparation, or too expensive.  Blah blah blah..

Yesterday also marked plenty of video game shopping.  Almost too much, actually..

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