Mt. Inasa and Goshi Temple in Nagasaki

The combination of Jet Lag and physically wearing ourselves everyday has really taken a toll on our sleeping habits. Last night, we went to bed around 7:00pm and woke up today around 3:00am, which is several hours before anything opens up. The only thing I could think of us doing so early, would be climbing to the top of Mt. Inasa and taking a look at Nagasaki.

So, that's what we did.

Mt. Inasa

It took us about an hour and a half from the hotel to walk to the top and, unfortunately, it really wasn't as photogenic as I thought it would be

There really wasn't much to see other than that, thanks to the night. On the way back down, things started to light up with the sun rise. Here's a small Panoramic.

Inasa International Cemetary

On the way down, we went through this pretty cemetary on the hillside, which turned out to be the Inasa International Cemetary.

This is where few Japanese are buried, and mostly consists of Chinese, Russian, and Dutch bodies.

Which explains the very non-Japanese graves.

Goshin Temple

At the base of the International Cemetary lies Nagasaki's oldest remaining Temple, the Goshin temple, established in 1598.

Here's a shot looking back up at the summit of Mt. Inasa. We went up to that little circular building.

Nagasaki Harbor

We made our way to the water front and walked along the edges of the water while the sun rose.

Afterwards we made it back to our hotel and we're getting ready for more things to do today.

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