Inasa-yama 稲佐山

One of the most signature places in Nagasaki City is Inasa-yama. You can see the summit and observation deck from almost anywhere in Nagasaki. At night, it's like a shiny beacon for all to see.

You can see it in the background here:

From the top of the summit, you can see all of Nagasaki City. The easiest way to get there is by gondola, it's about a 30 minute walk from Nagasaki station on the other side of the river. The gondola ride takes about 10 minutes to climb the mountain.

At the top you'll be greeted by the observation deck, and from the top you can see everything:

Here are some panoramic photos:

Five's House

When Five lived in Nagasaki, he lived in an apartment in that tiny blue house in the center of this photo.

Peace Park

Straight ahead in Nagasaki Peace with the aqua-blue Peace Statue pointing the sky above and the land around.

Youme Saito

One of the major shopping malls in Nagasaki is Youme Saito right next to Dejima Wharf. The road outside leads to the major shopping arcade of Nagasaki, Hamanamachi.

Amu Plaza and Nagasaki Station

Another major shopping mall of Nagasaki is Amu Plaza, which is connected to Nagasaki station. It's typically the first things anyone leaving the trains will see in Nagasaki City.

Much like other locations in Nagasaki, I try to visit Inasa-yama each time I'm here. Even though it was a little hazy, the weather was absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I couldn't see all the way to Mt. Fugen, but I could definitely see all of Nagasaki. :)

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