DS - 24 Game Game Wallet

Today i came home to a package at my door step.

Damn, i love getting packages. I also love getting packages that i completely forgot i ordered.. From the looks of the outside, it looks like a DVD or some PS2 game.. I noticed that the from address has a little ebay logo next to it. I don't remember ordering anything off ebay in at least a month or two. Oh what could it be..?

Oh sweet. It's that DS case i ordered when someone mentioned it in this thread on Cheap Ass Gamer.

I had been looking for a DS game case that could hold a large amount of DS carts for a while now. When i first started buying DS games, i needed something to hold them in.. I mean, you can't carry around the game boxes because they're too bulky, and you can't carry the cartridge itself for fear of damage. I first ran across
these cases
at Best Buy and they worked great when i owned 6 or 7 games, but when my game library grew, i needed more room.

I looked far and wide, but could not find anything as compact and portable as those 3 game shells. I came across something similar on the internet, which held 6 games instead of 3, but i could not find anywhere to purchase such game case. When i first got to Japan, it was easy to find this great case. This case is AS compact as the 3 game case and also comes in different colors and the game snaps into the case, rather than float around with the 3 game case.

This still hadn't solved my problem though. My DS library had gotten up to the 20 range, and 3 little 3-game cases and a 6-er wasn't going to hold all my games.

When i saw this 24 game case on CAG, it only took a little googling to find their website and their product. Only 10 whole $.

This case is pretty slick. It's a stylish little case that's smalled than a DVD case with a tiny penguin in the corner, offered in two different accented colors.

Inside are 4 pages which hold 6 games each. Each page is slick plastic vinyl that couldn't possibly damage the game cart.

It certainly looked like this Penguin case would solve my problem of tooo many little cases and consolidate the bulk of my little collection in one easy to carry around case.

The DS games slide in sideways, making the case viewable in a landscape view. The pages are quite sleak and clean that the game slides right in without and resistance and damage to the game.

5 minutes later, i stuffed most of my games into the case. My collection has gone beyond 24 games, so there's not much you can do there. My 6 game case can still hold the games i'm using most often, since it's quite portable. Those crappy Kanji games can sit in that 3 game case for all i care.

huzzah. That huge mess of games has been consolidated down in one shiny penguin white and grey pack. Just as easy to transport as my DS and my 6 pack.

I'd say that anyone with a decent amount of DS games, should definitely own one of these things. It's rather appauling the most popular gaming system of 2006, and potentially of all-time, has dick for portable game storage to complement it's portable play. It took independent game accessory maker, Penguin United to solve this annoying problem finally.

After looking through their site a little more, i think i'll probably order this Wii-mote Charger Stand next, since one of my Wii-motes has ran out of batteries, and i don't plan on buying new batteries each time this happens.


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