This day in Shmups

Much news has been happening as of late
Stories of glee that make me elate

Beginning work on the 360 is Treasure
A 3D game that will be beyond measure

(source: Destructoid)

They join their schmups pals G.Rev
Their game is also destructive

Next week is Senko no Rondo's American debut
Though an absurd price for $60 new

(source: Gamestop)

G.Rev were geniuses behind Under Defeat
They also aided Treasure make Ikaruga complete

(source: Wikipedia)

Though, Along with most who care, i will not spend
Something else comes out this week instead

Released free on Xbox Live Arcade
Is a game that 3 interns made.

Their summer project is Aegis Wing
Side-scrolling shooting and flying

(source: kotaku)

Unfortunately Radigry was pushed back to June
I was hoping to play that game soon

Its' preorder is still available
Guarantee yourself a hand full

(source: Amazon)

Chaos Field is also pretty decent
Though its' graphics aren't as recent

Milestone recently hinted a port for Karous
A game I didn't like the most

People say that it is better than Radigry
I'll give it a run when it comes out on the Wii

(source: Arcade Renaissance)

Last month was pretty big on the PS2
2 schmups were released brand new

The arcade hit Raiden got its 3rd installment
Copies are at a Gamestop establishment

Red Star finally saw the light of day
Union and XS answered those that pray

This game was in limbo thanks to Acclaim
They went bankrupt making crappy games

(source: NeoGaf post)

Unfortunately I really haven't played either of them
I've been too busy on an Xbox binge.

Psychonauts has grabbed my attention
Tim Schafer's hilarious creation

Secret of Monkey Island was his first angle
His works also include the Grim Fandango

(source: Wikipedia)

I also played through Elite Beat Agents on DS
This American port was quite a Success

It was filled with a lot of music i hate
But thanks to the stories, it turned out great

I finished it just in time for Ouendan 2
That comes out this week too.

Wed. it arrived at National Console Support
Another game i can happily afford

(source: NCSX)

So many games, so little time
That's about it for this rhyme.

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