This day in Starcraft

Ya know you're one of the biggest nerds alive
When Late Friday Night, you're on hitting F5

I'm not really that big of a fan of PC
So i guess the hype really worked on me

Starcraft was a game i played in high school
when it first came out, we all thought it was cool

Over at friend's houses, we would play
Single player though, until i got a copy

Once we had Internet we battled against others
Everyone was at the same level, no troubles

Though, for me, console games had greater lust
Starcraft sat on the shelf, and collected dust

While off playing console games like Final Fantasy
Everyone else's skills continued to grow exponentially

Now, at Starcraft, I pretty much suck
When it comes to competition, I'm outta luck

But i'll probably play again
Eventually I just might win

The road to Starcraft II will be long and treacherous
To hold me over, I just might buy the Battlechest.

For $20, it can be yours at Circuit City
Though, it's probably the same price at someplace less shitty

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