Furniture Closure

Every since returning to the states and living in Madison, I've been going commando.. as far as furniture goes. With only a few weeks before I move across town, laying down on the floor, tip-typing away no longer appeals to me all that much. Something had to be done.

huzzah. now i can say to myself, "no matter what happens, i've got that desk situation under control. it's taken care of. i'm done. complete."

It's amazing how an elevated flat surface can add so much order, harmony and cleanliness to a room. Luckily, if i still want to use a computer like a hobo, i've got my handy laptop fixed.

The whole black and white theme could be quite attractive, but several pieces on my desk need repairment to promote it. Some new white computer speakers would be rad, and possible a new mouse too. I've had those computer speakers for nearly 8 years. I guess they'll just be another computer hand-me-down for my parents.

Thanks go out to Erika and Stephen for helping me bring this desk all the way from Chicago back to Madison. I'm not too sure if my crappy car would have been sufficient transport.

While in Chicago yesterday, we made the mandatory stop at Mitsuwa. I had never appreciated that place as much as i do now. It's the midwest's little piece of Japan. The stores are squished together like in Japan, the employees are polite like in Japan (though, they speak english to us westerners :/), and everything is in Japanese (w/ plenty of subtitles). It's really the most Japanese i've been immersed in since returning to that states. I love walking up to a restaurant and being able to read the menu. ã?«ã??丼, 㝶㝣ã?ã?ã?㝩ã??, é³¥ã?«ã?¬ã?㝩ã??. ^_^

I purchased several items in bulk, and called it a day. There were plenty of kids from Anime Central hanging out as well. Unfortunately, ACen neglected to have a saturday only pass available for purchase, or else i may have thought of considering going for a few hours.


Wheeewww. Desk!

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