Moving Days

Moving is always kinda fun. It gives me a chance to flex those dormant Tetris skills and maximize the amount of volume my stuff will take up in my car while minimizing the amount of containers holding my things, thus minimizing the amount of trips i need to make going back and forth between residence and automobile. Once again, i was able to fit all of my stuff into my car, minus a book shelf, desk and chair, despite the least amount of volume I've ever had to work with, though it was quite a tight fit.

Wednesday, when I returned from my North Carolina trip, I was greeted by my roommates fast at work emptying out our house into their trucks and cars. Except for my clothes, all of my things were already boxed up and stuffed into my room before flying away. I joined them and moved my things into my car. It took me about an hour to stuff my car full, but i still had all my clothes laying around and some other random stuff.

The night continued with throwing most of the uncontested items of our household into garbage bags and hurling them onto the curb. Once we got rid of all that junk, the house really began to come together and look amazingly clean. I rode with my now ex-roommates over to their new place and moved some of their things up into their place. They scored a quaint tiny place about 2 blocks away from the capitol. The perfect living quarters after bar hopping across State St.

We made one more trip back to the old home and get rid of all the garbage bags outside.

The next day, yesterday, I woke up a bit late and rolled out of bed. After showering, I grabbed the reminder of my possessions in the house, and bid adieu. With the back-end of my car weighed down heavily, I puttered to work. Gage calls me up during my lunch and says that we could move into our new place today if I went down to the office and signed a contract. huzzah. Looks like I wasn't homeless for too long after all. I phoned up Kyle to tell him that we're moving in today.

After work we began moving everything into our new place. Our new place sits on the end of a cul-de-sac, nestled softly between several other homes. From the street, the driveway is a 35 degrees incline (maybe more) leading up to the house, which is about 20 feet above the street below. My room is on the Second and a Half floor of the house, but moving things from my car up there totaled about a 4 story climb. :/

After a vigorous workout of handling furniture and boxes up the hill, and walking back down, our stuff was once again sheltered under a tall roof and sheet rocked walls.

Moving is always pretty easy for me. I have container for everything I own and never have more on me than what I can't drive away with. I've gotten in this habit from moving around so much in the past 6 years of my life. Moving back and forth between Minneapolis and Platteville for so long, and then Madison, Nagasaki, then Madison again this past year.  Of course, I usually had a van or a station-wagon to move everything around with.
It gets annoying when I help people move and they don't have a clear grasp of how they want their stuff to go from point A to point B. The more boxes of varying size and the less trips back and forth the better!

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