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One of these days, I'll actually get a new car. Not necessarily another car, but a brand-spanking new car that will solely be my responsibility, and not the fault of the previous drivers. But the obvious question arises.. What car do i buy? What car defines me as a person? Such a difficult question. I've been toying with many different car choices, so I thought i'd put them side-by-side to compare.

Subaru WRX

I love this car a lot. It was bread from the infamous Imprezza Rally car we've seen so much of. It's cute, sporty, and fast. However, it's a bit expensive and gets shitty gas mileage. It's start off at around $25,000 and gets about 20 mpg city / 27 mpg highway. That's about the same gas mileage my current gets and it just went over 100,000 miles! I like style, but I'm not going be in the same boat for gasoline.

Sorry, WRX. I might test drive you, but the closest to owning you I will ever get will be in Gran Turismo.

Pro's: Sweet, Pretty, Fast, Japanese, Uncommon
Con's: Price, Gas Mileage, everything that matters.

Toyota Prius

Given the new fad of not paying up the ass in gasoline, I focused my sights on the Prius, known for the best mileage on the planet. 60 City, 55 Highway. Though, reports have been saying those numbers are grossly inflated, the real problem with the Prius is its life expectancy. Apparently, these cars only live to 100,000 miles, then they start having weird errors and just begin to die out on you. 100,000 miles is about 8 years, give or take.. I'd have to pay off the thing by then, or else I'll be paying for a dead car. The thing costs $25,000 in the first place. On average it gets about 2 to 2.5 times the mileage as a WRX, but my WRX is going to live about 2 to 2.5 times as long.. It'd be better off getting a WRX.. at least then I wouldn't be driving a chick car.

Pro's: Gas Mileage, Good for Enviroment, Japanese
Con's: Price, Life Expectancy, Reputable as a Girl's Car, Very Common

Volkswagen Jetta

Whatever.. I started looking at a car that has proved itself time and time again. The good 'ol Jetta costs about $17,000 and gets about 40 mpg on average. Though dealerships seem to indicate it gets shitty gas mileage, Jetta owners will proudly let you know they get an average of 40+ miles.

Pro's: Gas Mileage, Price, "German Engineering in the House" commercial, not Japanese but still Foreign
Con's: Common, Reputable as Girl's Car, Jetta Owners have same mentality as Mac Users.

So if I sacrifice all amounts of style for cost effectiveness, we've got the Jetta. Eh, sounds pretty good to me..

I put Common as a Con, but that's really from a stylistic point of view. Functional-wise, the more common a car the better because more people will have parts and knowledge to service it if/when it breaks.

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