The Website is Down

On Thursday afternoon around 3:30pm, the servers that host all the content for my site went down.  Currently, I'm using and have been using them for some time.  I don't really know if they're the best webhost out there, but they've served me well for over 5 years now.

This is really the first instance of something like this ever happening.  Who knows what caused the problem, but it seems that the harddisk suffered a failure beyond catostrophic.  Here's the help desk query:  Bizarre.. huh?

I'm sure they have plenty of pissed off customers wondering where their servers have gone, and wondering why they haven't been brought back up.  I'm sure ColossalHost is pretty made at their equipment, too.

This incident has started making me thing about my website again. has really just turned into a blog using a slightly modified wordpress template.  It used to host photos, drawings, research papers, fancy links, and blog posts and have a cohesive design.  I used to love working on the design, adding more content, and showing it off to people.

What has changed?  Well, I used to be artist, but things changed.  After art school, I went back to school for Math, which brought me towards Computer Science and Software Development.  Design and Composition are always on my mind, but it's no longer visual.  It's text.  Words and Code.

So, with the website down, I'm thinking about hosting it on my own, which would give me the opportunity to write the thing from scratch using the Tools and Technology that I've been using these past 3 years at Widen.  It's something I've wanted to do for a long time now.

The goals for my website are pretty simple.  I just need it to serve Text and Photos and maybe other content down the road.

It would be a great introduction to Tapestry 5, which we've just started using at Widen.

Though, now that my website is backup I doubt I'll do any of this.

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