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The other day, I finally got around to selling some of my stuff.  I've had this long-time ambition to rid myself of possessions I no longer need, but I was short on motivation.  I attempted this a few times, but became overwhelmed with the flurry of options.  eBay didn't seem permanent enough, Craigslist is still foreign to me and CAG is still to infantile.  I choose to go with since it's listing are permanent, get a fair amount of traffic, and everything works like a store. ^_^

On Sunday (or Monday), I listed 23 items, but for some reason...  it didn't update.  I waited an hour... nothing.  I waited a few more hours... nothing.  I checked their forums and apparently they've been having servers problems and were incredibly back logged.  I continued to wait.  The next day... nothing.  The next day...  nothing.  Yesterday...  nothing.

Finally, this morning I got an email.  "Your item has been sold!"  Splendid!  I checked my account and all my items had finally appeared in the system.  Only a few hours after being live and I already sold something!  By the end of the work day, another had sold!

Have a look for yourself.  Here's my Shop.

Listing items is far simpler than eBay and doesn't cost anything to list!  You just enter in your item, assign a price and up it goes.  When someone buys one of my games, the money goes into my account and then pays out twice a month to my back account.  Pretty spiffy.

So far, I've sold Final Fantasy XI and Ar Tonelico.  Final Fantasy XI sold for $10 and Ar Tonelico sold for $50, both at a $10 profit to myself. ^_^  In fact, the $40 price tag is still on Ar Tonelico.  hahah

Anywho...  so this is what I have listed so far:

And this is still what I have to list...

23 down...  about 1000 to go.  I'm still not sure how I'm going to list all my Japanese games..

Edit: I rewrote the beginning.  I wrote it WAYY too fast after drinking two red bulls...

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