Mechanical Death

Yesterday I got a bit of free time, so i was able to go through and get caught up with blogs and forums and actually interact for a change. I started updating my games list as well, and got to the point of taking pictures of my new arrivals.

I put batteries into my camera and tried to turn it on.. nothing. "hmm.. batteries must be low.." I got another set of charged batteries and the same thing occurred. Nothing.. Silence.. Death..

Sadness.. It appears my old camera has finally bit the dust.

A look back..

I received my camera for Christmas of 2002. Since that time I've taken about 15,000 pictures with it. Even discovered that the camera doesn't know how to count once it goes past 10,000.

I was quite the shutter bug up until about a year ago.. It started becoming an annoyance carrying around this big 'ol camera.. It wasn't very convenient. I picked up my picture takin' styles when I got to Japan.. but once again, it began to fade. Then one drunken night I must've smacked it against a hard surface, because the white balance was extremely sensitive.. It hadn't been the same since.. Pictures came out really bad and washed.

The last pictures I ended up taking with it was of Justin, Alex and Eric in North Carolina..

Poor Sony Cybershot.. Dec 2002 - June 2007

Even though, I didn't actively use it in recent days.. It feels weird not having it. Like I have no way of photographically recording my life whereas I had the option before.

A look forward..

Anyways.. I had resigned myself to getting a new sleek tiny powerhouse of a camera, but kept putting it off. I suppose now I have a good reason to actively look for a new one. Something small that I can easily port around with me at all times, and something powerful so pictures don't look like ass. Probably something that uses an SD card so I can easily look at pictures on my Phone and Wii without much hassle. My laptop has an SD card slot too.

Since I'm so great at saving and conserving money and have given up credit cards, I'll have to wait a week until I get paid to actually purchase one.

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