Enter the Pidgin

Pidgin, aka Gaim, beta 0.7 was released today and it looks pretty good in Vista compared with beta 0.6. beta 0.6 looks great in XP, but in Vista the default skin had alot of excess, and it would crash everytime i tried to sign into MSN. It didn't display the system tray icon, either.

beta 0.7 takes Vista into account this time, and makes it look just as beautiful as it did on XP.

the big change overall is the overriding availability icons.

Instead of using the MSN messenger icons for MSN buddies and AIM messenger icons for AIM buddies, all messenger clients use the same icons. I guess this is fine with me, but it will only result in a complete mixing of all buddies from all messenger clients you use.

Downloading and installing works quite smoothly. After Pidgin was installed, it automatically grabbed all my Gaim beta 0.6 data and used it right away. Seemless.

Get yourself a copy and try it out: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=235

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