Evangelion 1.0 Street Date Broken

This afternoon, Eva Geeks informed the Internet that Best Buy has broken the street date for the North American release of Evangelion 1.01. I was already going to Best Buy this evening to return some stuff, so I went to the Anime section and took a look for myself.

Sure enough.

So.. I bought it. because I had store credit from returning stuff. Also, I'm a moron.

The DVD Quality is pretty good, but there are absolutely no special features at all. There's just a bunch of trailers for Funimation's other series. If you plan to buy this at all, WAIT WAIT for the Bluray. Though, if they aren't going to translate the special features from the Japanese Bluray, it's almost not worth it either. You'd be better off getting the movie digitally.

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God... when the hell is Evangelion 2.0 coming to Bluray in Japan. I want it!

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