Future Rock @ The Majestic, Madison

I bought tickets for last night's concert way before I was sick. So, I was pretty great to finally be cured of Pink Eye by yesterday in order to attend the concert I had already purchased tickets for.

Nick Nice

I got there pretty early, and was able to catch Nick Nice's entire opening set. Nick Nice has been around Madison for quite a while. He's always opening for shows at the Majestic and the headlining 80s v. 90s nights at Majestic. He seems to wear several different musical hats.

This was the first time I had actually heard anything he's done. I was pleasantly surprised when he began his set with some very melodic ambient progressive tracks. Those first two or three songs he played were amazing. Once more and more people arrived and there filled the dance floor, he quickly transitioned out of the layers and into some god awful house music.

Ugh... Why would you do that? You spent 20 or 30 minutes building up this wonderful sound, and then through it all away for this crap. Not all House music is bad, but when it carries no melody, no progression, or anything interesting at all, there's absolutely no point. It's background noise. And then he throws in a hard electro track out of nowhere.

Overall his set made no cohesive sense at all. He started off brilliantly, but it turned into a mish mash of song that had no business being with each other.

Future Rock

Future Rock were pretty incredible though. I actually hadn't heard of them or any of their music prior to going to this concert. I looked them up on youtube for about 10 minutes, and then bought the tickets, but that's about it.

The band seems somewhat outdated. The name, Future Rock, sounds like something you'd hear in the 70s or 80s. Especially with the heavy use of Keyboards. The band members themselves look like they're in their 40s. I wonder if they made this band in the 80s.. Or if they made it as a retro throw-back to those ideals.

They definitely sound like they're from that era. The keyboards scream "Future" in terms of the past, like an old Science Fiction movie or Tangerine Dream album. It's really neat. ^_^

Here's their opening song...

I decided to leave somewhat early. I listened to them for over an hour. Around a midnight they finished a set, and said, "Oh Madison, we're just getting started!" If I hadn't been sick all week, and actually had been sleeping enough, I totally would've stayed until 1am or 2am. But, I did the responsible thing and got home to sleep enough for work the next day. Yeah yeah...

But it was fun. The Majestic was completely full with young college kids too. Much like MSTRKRFT @ The Rave this past weekend, I'm glad to see the youth of today getting into electronica. ^_^ It paves the way for a bright future.

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