Hybrid @ Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis

hybrid was amazing. yet another concert dream come true. friday night was one of the best club experiences yet, right up there with Sasha, BT, paul van dyk and The crystal method. it was simply amazing. ah.. it was a dream come true hearing symphony live just as it was hearing sasha play xpander live. i think now because those 2 dreams have been met my electronic past has been satisfied. its kinda sad that i have such a small past, but that was basically it sasha + hybrid.

and not only was experiencing their music a dream come true, but they are very conversational with their fans, afterward they were in the back on the club signing stuff, i got my new Morning Scifi cd signed as well as some hybrid plate mats i bought ^_^. stu got his synth signed by hybrid. very nice. mike truman and adam taylor are real nice guys ^_^.

spending the night with kristina and stu and the fine line was much more fun than being there alone. before hybrid graced the stage we sat down near the floor making fun of the mason t's extremely predictable tribal/house set. ick.. it was a slow start for such a great night..

after hybrid, one of the dubpistols got up there and played some nice songs, though it was backdrop to us waiting in line for signatures. the guy played the always fun 'smells like freeland' by nirvana. i hadn't heard that song in a while ^_^

it was great the entire night. and even afterward outside the club was a huge brawl. black women beating the shit out of each other. the cops came and put a quick stop to that, they gassed everyone around the car, everyone ran the hell away from there coughing and heaving. it was neat ^_^ street crime!!

and instead of going out the following night, saturday, to the quest, we decided to stay home and finish watching old 80s movies off of tapes in my basement. movies like Robocop 2, Total Recall, Flight of the Navigator, Reckless Kelly, and Explorers ^_^. even though it looks like the quest kicked ass, we had a blast none the less. an 80s blast..

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