PAX: Fable II Hands On

One of my most anticipated games this coming Christmas season is Fable II. Fable II is an action rpg that's meant to be massive, yet have a wide variety of environments and such.

The first one really wasn't all that great. But my roommates were hooked on how ugly all the characters were, and their god awful english accents. We had hours of fun in the game doing stupid things to make our characters as ugly as possible. And later on we'd recite quotes from the game in accent. Well, honestly, it was I that was really doing all those things around the house.

When I think about how stupid the game actually is, I don't know why I'm so SHOCKED that the game blows ass. The game looked awful. It looked Too Human shit itself. Ugly low resolution graphics with horribly modeled characters running around with beat sticks chopping up even uglier crap. It felt like I was playing Nightmare Creatures on the Dreamcast. 2 minutes into the demo, I was embarassed to be seen even near the kiosk.

The whole breadcrumbs linearity is completely pandering when the environment was just as Linear as the first game. What happened to an expansive world to immerse yourself in? It still reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, except a sticky gross mess.

What a piece of shit.  There's no way I'm paying any amount of money for this garbage.  I'm getting a refund on my preorder.

It should be noted that Fable II is an Xbox 360 exclusive title with a mid-October release date.

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