PAX: Wipeout HD Hands On

Wipeout HD is another game that completely fulfilled my expectations.  It looks absolutely gorgeous and plays just like I remember it back in the day.

Wipeout Fusion was where I left the series off.  I was totally hyped for it, too.  Stu and I were huge proponents of the Wipeout series.  We went to the Wipeout Fusion website daily prior to the launch of the game.  The interface design and background music painted a picture of what surely was to come.

Wipeout 3 was such a treasure, and Wipeout Fusion was a sad mess.  Our hearts were crushed, but my resilience bled through.  I still played the crap out of that game, but I was sad it lost its community.  Fzero GX picked up all the stragglers.

Even though Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse are supposed to be quality products, I really didn't want to buy a PSP to play them.  And now that I own a PSP, I really don't have the ambition to play them.  The handheld realm doesn't feel like a good fit.  It doesn't feel like Wipeout to me.

Wipeout HD reclaims all my feelings of the past and displays them in beautiful harmony on screen.  I was already resolved to buying it, Day One, but my level of excitement has jumped after getting my hands on it.


It should be noted that Wipeout HD is a Playstation 3 exclusive title, with no announced release date.

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