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Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

Subtitle Fixer

The other day, I downloaded a foreign movie that didn't include English subtitles. It didn't take too long to search around the Internet and find subtitles, but the timings were off. They were based on a different region's DVD timing. For my copy of the movie, they were about 30 seconds off or whatever.

This type of problem is like Computer Science 101. Read in a file, change some values based on a pattern, and output the file. Not one hour later, and I was watching my movie with now reasonably timed subtitles.

It was a simple standalone app, but now I've adapted the code here, so it can be used by anyone. :) Enjoy!

Codejam May 2012 - Branching Stories

At Widen Enterprises, we do bi-annually code jams in which we have a day and a half to write anything we'd like. Sometimes we do themes, most of the time we don't. I always try to write something different and outside of the scope of our company.

This time I tried to write a "choose your own" adventure story, where you could change your decisions at any time, and see their effects in real time. This took me so long to write. :( Almost all my time was spent writing the story, rather than code.

It still lacks a complete ending, but it turned out pretty well.

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