Beer Label Magnets

Now that I'm living in a larger space, I actually have room to do some random arts & crafts.

I adopted an idea that my little brother has been doing for a while. We're both pretty big fans of beer, and he collects a lot of beer related things, such as bottle caps and labels. He takes these things and makes magnets out of them, which completely coats his fridge.

Collect Beer!

It's a neat idea, and with the Oktoberfest season looming, I decided to gather up as many local Oktoberfest brews as I could. I started doing the second week in September.

This is about half of all the bottles I collected over the course of the two months. The Choose-your-own Six pack worked fantastically for collecting as many varieties as possible in the short time frame. Overall, I found 25 different Oktoberfests.

This was a slightly dangerous idea though, as it combined 2 of my addictions together: Drinking Beer and Collecting Things.

Remove Labels

To remove the labels, I used a Wine Label Remover Kit found on Amazon, though, it's a little more expensive than what it is: Link

Each wine label remover is basically a thin sheet of laminate. You wrap the laminate around the bottle, completely covering the label. Then you peel the laminate off the bottle, taking the label with it.  And cut off all the extra laminate around the label.

The labels can be subborn sometimes, so I used a box cutter to help it along in most cases.

While it's just as easy (sometimes) to remove the label without the lamanent, i think the labels look much better with the lamanent.

Attach to Magnets

The last part is affixing them to magnets. Easy enough. My little brother recommended using magnets sheets, and Super 77 adhesive spray.

And it worked quite well. I sprayed the whole sheet with a layer of glue, and arranged as many labels as I could.

Then cut the labels out.

and Hurrah.

These aren't arranged in any particular order. Also, the Dogtoberfest labels are very stubborn to remove, so that one isn't pictured here.

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