Asahi stateside (2)

Friday was the day.  I grabbed $40 from my bank account and went directly to Midway Foods right after work.  Inside the refrigerator, their lie two 6-packs of Asahi Super Dry.  I grabbed the door handle and thrust open the transparent barrier.  My gloved covered hand reached forward into the cold and grasped hold of the packaged brew.  Success..  In my hands i held success.  Proof that Japanese beer ain't all bad.

With one jingling carton bottles under one arm, its compadre left in the fridge lie lonely.  It chilled brother sat scared in the back of the cooler at the thought of being parted from its kin.  How could i let such a separation occur?  So i grabbed the other one too and good times were had by all.

There were kinda pricey though..  $7 for a 6 pack is a little much, but i think it was worth it.  US Asahi Super Dry tastes quite similar to its Asian counterpart.  Friday was a good night.. ^_^  Unfortunately, i was asleep during most of it and also unfortunately, i think i inadvertently drank all the Asahi Super Dry in Madison..  Last time i checked, Woodman's didn't have such beer.

Next time i find a respectable establishment with such alcohol, i'll probably stock up and buy them out as well.

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