Asahi stateside

Yesterday i finally visited Midway foods in downtown Madison. Even though, i lived a few blocks away from the place during the Summer, i never got around to actually going there, for some reason..

I went there yesterday to pick up some Nama Udon noodles and Cabbage, when i noticed something glorious. As i perused the refrigerated section and peered in the cooler, there it was on the top shelf. Right beside Kirin and Sapporo, was a six pack of Asahi Super Dry.

Asahi Super Dry is pretty damn tasty.. much better than Kirin and Sapporo, in my opinion. It was our beer of choice in Japan, and i had never seen it in America before. Though, i think that's probably because i wasn't looking for it.

Unfortunately, i was unable to acquire said beer since Midway foods doesn't take credit card.. more on this situation as it develops.

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