Dosh, Dark Dark Dark @ Cedar Center, Minneapolis

Update on March 23rd, 2014

These photos are from Dosh and Dark Dark Dark's performance at the Cedar Culture Center in Minneapolis on December 27th, 2008. This was the absolute most awkward concert I have ever been to.

I went with my sister, and we got there pretty early. When they opened the doors, the enter room was filled with chairs. There was no dancing and grooving going on that night. As Dark Dark Dark took the stage, they played their songs to absolute silence. No one talked or said a single word. When Dark Dark Dark finished their song, the audience clapped, then stopped, and then there was absolute silence again. I think I heard someone cough.

When Dosh took the stage, things became much more energetic. He actually created an atmosphere, and things became much more relaxed, and inviting. Good stuff. :)

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