Import DS Games to look out for

At the nintedo press conference they announced that there will be 100 new DS games in the market before the end of the year.. there are so many things to look at it is hard to keep track of them all.. these are games that look very intreguing and i will definately be keeping tabs on:

Contact - July 11, 2006

This RPG looks rather interesting, and i've been following it for a little while. It's very Earthbound/Mother -esq as this professor crash lands on earth and you are enlisted to helping him either get off the planet, or save the planet, or something. On the top screen, you have the interior of the professor's ship which has a very earthbound art style. The bottom screen, features a more realistic art style representing earth. Contact features a WiFi mode, to which i haven't really researched much.

Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents is the american sequel to Ouendan, one of the most popular japanese DS games in america. Elite Beat Agents / Ouendan is the creators of Gitaroo Man, and focuses on touching the screen when notes appear to go along with the song. The story consists of cheering people in need to better their lives ^_^

Gyakuten Saiban 4 - October?

Oh Baby... The new Phoenix Wright game for the DS. It seems the sequels of Phoenix Wright focus on different points in the overall timeline. I think in the 3rd Gyakuten Saiban game, you play as Mia Fey. I'm not sure when this game takes place, but it looks like the past.

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