Xenosaga III Fuck up


recently, namco released a demo from their upcoming conclusion to the Xenosaga series, Xenosaga III. It featured one dungeon to be played, and a couple other things..

At the time when monolith created the demo, the game was probably 90% complete. All the story was set in the game, all dungeons, all everything except for some minor details here and there.

When they made this demo, monolith simply took a little bit of the actual game and made it playable so that people could experience a dungeon from the game.

It wasn't long before japanese haxxors messed around with the disc to grab source data, just to see what was on the disc, or to get raw data..


apparently, to save time, Monolith decided to include the entire database full of story, quotes, etc rather than pick it apart to only include data relevant to the demo..

and once this information hit 2ch, the game was blown wide open.. All details for the conclusion of Xenosaga are now fully known to the public before the release of the game. All thanks to sloppy Software Engineering.

So... if you wish to know the ending, feel free to search for it. there are a huge amount of posts on GameFAQs apparently.

sloppy sloppy sloppy..

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