Videogame Shopping in Togitsu

Monday, i finally decided to venture forth North down to Togitsu after finding a few used video game shops. The walk down the mountain was rather scenic:

I came across Natalie on the way down, so we walked down the hill together. We came across a cute dog which was guarding some home:

And another house:

We had reached our first destination, which was Sega World:

Sega World had a couple Arcade games that i hadn't seen yet, like this massive Gundam 0079 Collectable Card Arcade Game. It looks like you wage space battles against fleets.. or something. Upstairs was a huge Horse Derby betting game. There was also a Sonic the Hedgehog popcorn machine.. Off to my left i noticed a UFO catching machine that had something in it that was rather amazing:

An Asuka figure.. but it was a MERMAID! Honestly, i'm not a real big fan of Asuka at all, but as mermaid... I'll probably end up spending some money trying to get it. it's $2 for one chance, $5 for three.

There wasn't a DDR machine, so Natalie and I didn't spend too much time in Sega World.. it was rather disappointing actually.

We made our way to our next destination: Hard Off. It was much bigger than the Hard Off in downtown nagasaki. I found a Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2, Astal on Saturn, and Pop 'n Music on Dreamcast w/ Controller for $15. They had a ton of Saturn games, but i was unable to find Radiant Silvergun, nor the Segata-san Shiro game.

As luck would have it, across the street was another used store that was massive. It had the most anime i've seen in all of japan so far. They quite a bit of Macross Seven, 3 fucking shelves of Monster, and tons of everything else.. It was quite amazing.

They also had games.. Muahahaa. I found the Saturn games immediately and begin looking. I found a copy of Sonic R (the US copy goes for about $60 online), Shining Wisdom (US copy goes for about $40 online), Layer Section (some shump), full version of NiGHTS for $3, Darius Gaiden, G Darius, and... oh baby Dragon Force for $7... The US copy of Dragon Force goes for about $120-$150 online. Hell yeah i'm picking this up.. I've waited to play this game for QUITE a while... Later when i bought it, it rang up as $2.

Also i found Rez on Dreamcast.. another instant purchase. Rez was originally designed for the Dreamcast with hardware and graphic capibilities in mind. The PS2 port is a little bit muffled, since UGA didn't redesign it for the PS2 hardware, so Dreamcast Rez really is the best version. Also, the dreamcast version was only offered online through Sega Direct, so you weren't able to buy it in stores.. I really was quite lucky to find it. Now all i need is a Dreamcast VGA cable, and i will be able to experience rez in the best visual capacity. Hopefully, i'll find some good headphones before i get back.

I also found Lapucelle Tactics with its beautiful japanese cover, Mo-jib Ribbon, and... OH YEAH!. DDR Party Collection.. one of my three sought after games, mentioned earlier.. In fact.. This place had every copy of DDR for the PS2. Party Collection was the only good one i was still missing.. but... it was $45. I decided to skip it for now.. If i don't find it for cheaper later, then i'll probably be back.

This place also had a top-loading Famicon, a Super Famicon, a Guitar Freaks controller, and a cheaper Super Famicon.

So... overall i picked up Saturn Dragon Force for $2, Saturn Shining Wisdom for $2 and Dreamcast Rez for $15. Not too shabby.

I continued walking around Togitsu to see what i could see. I walked across the harbor area and came across the absolute CUTEST kitty i've seen in Japan thus far.. It was this tiny little black cat, with a cute little pink collar w/ a little bow.. I walked up near it and it meowed at me.. OH MY GOD!! It was the cutest meow you've ever heard in your entire life... This meow could literally melt evil. I sat down with the kitty and pet it for a while.. Lost in the cute-ness. Eventually when i got up, it started following me a ways.. AWWWWWWWWWWwwwww... Unfortunately, it was too dark for a picture..

I continued down the river a little bit. Togitsu is a rather clear town. The wind is nice coming from the bay. On my way back i noticed the Yamada electronic store. Hey.. i have a point card at Yamada. Plus i need Rice Cooker. So let's check it out..

Inside i found these weird iPod speakers:

Also, the Initial D live action movie, the PS2 version of the Evangelion Pachinko machines i saw earlier, AND also XII Stag for $5. Hell yeah, i'm picking that up.

Ugh.. So to get home, i walked for about an hour and a half carrying my heavy laptop bag on my shoulder, a rice cooker under arm, and a 20 kg bag of rice in the other... huuuff-dah.

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