Nagasaki Temples

After handing in my alien registration forms at city hall, i took off from the group to visit some of the beautiful temples that Nagasaki had to offer.

Ugh... so many stairs. I took some panoramic shots from the top: one, and two.

At the very top of the temple, through the back, and up plenty more stairs, i had reached the temples shrine:

At the shrine, you can write a wish on a little piece of wood, dump it into the bucket, and gingle the bell and your wish should come true. I didn't wish for anything at this time...

This temple was pretty big. Panorama one and two..

The city view was pretty neat from the doors of the temple:

It took another Panoramic on my way down.

As i continued wandering about the land i can across a pretty busy shopping district which i combed for game shops:

I did find a massive map of the heart of Nagasaki prefecture for $8 which i tacked on my wall in the dorm.

I came across another shrine with a little Panda picnic set:

There's a whole row of Temples that go along the river in nagasaki.. Panaromics one, two, three, and four.

I found a pretty kickass shirt, in town:

And then i came back to the temples:

I came the end of the row of temples.. with Sukufugi temple:

Panoramic one and two. This temple is so photogenic.. It boasted several beautiful shrines inside:

I sat down inside for a while and observed my surroundings. The Cicadas chirping, and those annoying birds yulping.. I was also tired from walking around, and there was a fan.

After a much needed rest i visited a shrine across the street, which was pretty modern. Here's another shot. It also had some stray cats that didn't appreciate being poked with sticks and things.

I was pretty much down-downtown so i went along the strip looking at various shops. I found a cigarette store, so my continuing journey to find Death cigarettes ensued.. and failed. I did find Ecstacy cigarettes.. Along with Cigarettes of Peace and Hope.

I found myself on the way to china town:

China town served PLENTY of champon. Champon is one of the signature dishes of Nagasaki. It's quite good too ^_^.

The final picture of the evening came from a department store across the street from Chinatown:

Slogan: "Buy Things or Fukuya".

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