Taito Game Station

On Saturday, the plan was to try and purchase some phones and then play games and karaoke all night long.

We tried to get Brett and Leigh signed up for phones, but unfortunately they actually needed their Alien Registration card to sign up for a year plan. Instead, we began walking around to various stores and places. We went into Yamada, and i went for the game's section:

Project Silpheed came out the other day ^_^, also i found a Cromartie High School game on ps2, Code Age Commanders for $24, Rogue Galaxy for $18, some Pocket Station playstation game for $5 (i probably shoul've picked it up), and Chososhuu Mecha for a mere $33. Whoo hoo.. I just so happen to have a $5 coupon and $13 of store credit, so i picked it up. I'll write about it later.

We went down the street to You-Ing and found some more games: Metal Gear Solid 2 with Gackt on the cover, Star Soldier on PSP, 2 copies of Ouendan for $25 (AMAZING DEAL), some weird Gamera Box set for $480, NUDE on Xbox for $29, original Super Mario on GBA, and Azumanga Daioh on GBA (O_o).

We continued walking around to various Arcades. I found an Incredible Crisis arcade machine. I had no idea this was even an Arcade game.. sweet. ^_^

Later on, in the evening we met up at the Taito Arcade for some gaming and karaoke. I spent quite a bit of the time playing DDR.

Kyle did too. I ended up spening about $8 on DDR that night. My huffs were quite sore by the end. Sitting down in the Karaoke room was a much needed rest, though there was hardly any peace and quiet:

It took us forever to figure out how to use the Song queueing equipment, the volume was up way to high, and you could hardly hear yourself sing. It was pretty funny.

As we left some hot and probably drunk japanese girls took some interest in us equally hot studly american fellas.

They also had some sort of Kit kat drink and Tea Soda in their vending machine.

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