so it looks like my days of poking stray cats with sticks have come full circle.

Last night, a cute little kitty found itself inside our dorm. Once Bryan saw the cute little fur ball, it took off running in the opposite direction down the hallway, straight into the Kitchen. One of the japanese guys was cooking dinner inside, so the kitty stopped in it's tracks and shot off down the hall again. This time it found itself in my room where i was 'reading' a magazine.

"holy crap! more humans.. oh my god!?," the cute kitten thought in terror as it turned the hell around and shut back down the hall from where it came. Bryan and the japanese guy had the hallway cornered off, so it turned around pretty fast. It shot down the hallway right in front of me as i jumped out of my room. It tried to runaway as fast as it could, but stood still as its claws scrapped against the slippery bare wood floors.

I leaned down and snatcher it in my grasp. The little sweetheart went furious in my hands, thinking it would be done for. She scratched and bit at my hand for me to release my grasp, all while hissing her little head off.

"ARharhgghhgghhgg.... gawd," as i tried to hold on to her. Finally the pain was too much, and i tossed her out the nearby open window onto the roof. My hand bled quite a bit, but the japanese guy had one cut in the middle of his finger that would not stop bleeding. The little kitty ran around on the roof a little bit trying to get away. Eventually she took a look over the edge and jumped off.

Our battle wounds were present, and the kitten had fled. This type of thing doesn't happen in Pokemon Snap, i thought.

She was a cute little kitty too.. Too bad i didn't get my camera out in time to snap a few shots. I only have the maul wounds as a memory..


In other news, Leigh and I went to Togitsu this morning right as the stores were opening and got ourselves a copy of Pokemon Diamond. Diamond is clearly the cool version, as the Pearl version is all pink and girly. Most places were completely pre-sold out of Diamond, but we were able to snatch ourselves a copy.

Check it out.. here's me buying Pokemon! I'll probably write a gamelog or something about it once i start playing. Five said that he'd take me to his school someday so that i may destroy his students in a rugerous game of Pokemon 4. I have a feeling that i'm the one who will probably get my ass kicked, and then have a bunch of losses on my permanent record.

I took a look around the store again today and they had some more stuff of interest, such as: a Pocketstation, Link's Awakening DX, DDR 2nd Mix on Gameboy, Sin and Punishment for $20, a The Ring game for Wonderswan, and the japanese version of Excitebike 64. NOTHING!!!

Before the store, Leigh and I hung out in the nearby park a little bit. I took a bad picture of two stray cats:

They were scared of me though.. I think they saw the maul wounds and thought to themselves, "jesus christ! it's a human, get in the car."

This is other domesticated cat showed up and was pretty cool.

He's all like, "hey jim, you're pretty cool even though you tossed a kitten out the window yesterday. how's about you pet me some." So i hung out around the cat a bit. I went back over to the bench area and he followed me.

"blargghh.. i'm comfy. my fur is for petting."

"HEY! who told you to stop."

Domesticated Cats > Stray Cats. That's why stray cat deserved to be poked.

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