Dance Club

"Hey Kyle, i bet you can't jump this staircase.."

"Oh yeah..?"

"Yeah man... it's only 8 or 10 stairs. You can make it."

"I wager that i can.. here i go.."

"ha ha... ow, my feat kinda hurt."

"heh, good job. here's that promised dollar. Good luck spending it here."

Anyways, the other day some girls were going around trying to get people to sign up for Dance club. On friday, they held their first meeting in a class room and showed up two dances: One for boys and one for girls. The boy's dance is called Soran. It's the dance of the fisherman. I told people that if they signed up for it, i'd do the same.

Practice has a rather intensive schedule though. Every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 4:30pm to 6:00pm we must practice for the upcoming festivel in November. Yeeshh.. that doesn't give me a whole lot of time to do anything else.

So, Monday rolled around. Kyle and I went to the destined practicing place in front of the gym. Around 4:45pm, the girl's showed up to start the practice. We did stretches and they began to show how to do the Soran dance. It's actually rather easy. Just a few simple dance moves, combine, and you're got the beginning of the Soran dance.

So.. it was the 4 japanese girls leading us, 5 or 6 chinese girls learning the dance, then there's Kyle, myself, Morgan and Kevin learning the dance as well. Right in front of the gym.. in front of everyone waiting for the bus. ^_^

We eventually took a break after an hour and began talking about things. The same questions are always asked. "Where are you from?", "What's your major?", "How old are you..?" I said how old i was and they asked if i were married <_<

We asked them if they were any good at DDR. Ya know.. chances are they've probably played it before. Natsuko said she was pretty good at it.. oh really? So we asked them to go to Taito with us after dance practice to challenge them. muahaha.

We stopped off at McDonalds first because people were hungry, and the 1st floor of Taito is a McDonalds. I finally had my chance to order the infamous Shrimp burger. I'm not really sure if the shrimp burger actually exists. I ordered what i thought was the shrimp burger, but it was actually a Shrimp Filet sandwich, much like a Fish Filet sandwich. It was rather tasty, but definately not a burger. Man... I could really go for a burger.

Anywho.. after eating good 'ol american food, we went upstairs to catch out the 'ol DDR machine. Kyle and I got up on the machine and blew them away ^_^. Those girls were laughing and cheering. Wheee.. Unfortunately, Natsuko didn't play because she was wearing jeans, or something like that. Maki and Miyu played though.. on Basic. Morgan and Kevin gave it a go too. Kevin was actually pretty good. ^_^

There was this nerdy japanese guy hanging around, trying to capitalize on our cheer squad. He got up on the machine and played some Des-Row songs. He started on basic, but then failed he second song on difficult. Poor little fella. He reminds me of Densha Otoko.

Anyways, the night was quite fun ^_^. Dance club should be a blast. They invited us for sushi and drinking this weekend too. ^_^

At the end of the evening, i had a picture taken to comemorate the occasion.

DDR can build up quite a sweat.

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