Great American Taco

I found some delightful Engrish around on the way to school. like...

Pizza Cruiser and...

Cock Doll.. O_o.

After my japanese class on Friday, i met up with Mark about some school festivel deal that he wanted to talk to me about.

Each year, on the first weekend of November, the Nagasaki school holds an international festivel where each culture presents a food dish for sale. This year, since the american group was so large, they were able to split us up into 2 groups. Mark went through all this paperwork on his own since the deadline was actually today. He bought Shane in charge of one of the groups and myself in charge of the other.

All the paperwork was filled out and set to go, except we needed to make an advertisement for the festivel pamphlet. Mark had signed up the other group to work on Hamburgers, and signed up us to do Tacos... O_o. the great american food, apparently. That's fine ^_^. Tacos are delicious.

I ran down to the office to get the form needed to make an advertisement and spent a good part of the day drawing it out:

Wheeee... i forgot to write a bunch of Engrish on it though like... "Enjoy tasty delicious American sensation in your Mouth!".. or "Taco is American super awesome delight".. or something like that. oh well. The women down in the international office thought it was pretty slick.

While drawing this up, i mentioned those kickass Evangelion Mermaid statues to Kyle, and told him i'd pay him 1000 yen for each statue he would win me. Kyle has been rather addicting to those crane games, but unfortunately (or fortunately) he hasn't found one that had anything he liked.. The thought of making some money on them did appeal to him, so we walked down to Sega World after school.

I started off by putting $2 in the machine to see if i could get something. It seemed pretty easy. You just needed to line up the horizontal, line up the vertical, and hit the clench button when the crane was lined up with the holes in the side of the box. Piece of cake ^_^.

Well i missed the first time. Then i put a $5 coin in the machine for 3 tries. I came closer and closer to victory.

I was $7 down, but it seemed so easy. I put in another $5 coin and made way to the asuka statue. Left Left a little, then back and.... CLENCH. HUZZAH!.. a perfect grasp.


I still had 2 tries left.. so i made way for the nearby Rei statue. Arghhh... so close. and Again with another miss. $12 for one statue.. But if i got the Rei statue, then i'd have 2 for $14. That seemed like a good deal. Left Left, Up and CLENCH!.. miss. Left Left, up and CLENCH!.. miss. Whatever.. one more try then i'm quitting.. Left Left, Up and CLENCH!... ahh.. dammit. So DAMN close that time... I thought i had lost it, but as the Crane moved back up, and actually held onto the box. Whoo hoo.. The box fell out of the grasp halfway up, but it fell down all the same.


Ahh... it feels good to get what you want for a reasonable price.

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