Taito afterwards

After we returned from the trecherous mountain climbing, we sought refuge in the relaxing atmosphere of electronic gaming.

I checked out a few games stores on the way to the Arcade though.. I found a copy of IQ Remix on PS2 (one of my sought-after games). It was $20 though, so i was a bit hestitant on picking it up right away. I also found this:

Space Cowboy Show? O_o.. It looked rather interesting.. i forgot to take a look at the price though.

I also found a ParaPara controller clearanced down to $9.

Anyways, Leigh (the british guy) and I finally made it to the arcade about 40 minutes late. At this point Kyle had already wasted about $20 on UFO catching machines and stupid candy pushers..

When i got there, he began trying his luck on the kit kat bars.. When began the pile was a bit in the middle like so.. by the time he had already put in about $8 he had pushed the pile over about an inch... like so..

he put in another $1, full knowing he wasn't going to win anything.. though in his mind, i'm sure he thought he could do it.. finally he gave up:

"I vow by ever fiber in my body, candy... i shall see you burn in tasty HELL!!.. ok.. now... make sure that i NEVER GAMBLE IN MY LIFE," kyle stated as he finally left the kit kat bars to their sealed fate. Though, after telling people about it, Leign decided to spend a couple bucks to try and win the candy as well.. he also failed..

Leigh also tried his hand about some DrumMania V3:

which was $1 on Saturdays.

They have the Guitar Freaks V3 machine right next to the Drum Mania V3.  There are hooked up too, so you can play guitar tracks with the drums ^_^.

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