The Unsen Hot Springs

This past weekend we went on a big field trip to the Unzen Hot Springs resort east of Nagasaki City.

We left around Noon in the afternoon.. It was a two hour bus ride to the Unzen resort, so we made a pit stop half way in the middle of potato country.  Potato Country has a signature dish named Jyaga-chan.  Jyaga-chan is basically deep-fried potato on a stick.  Quite Tasty ^_^.  It's a very light-tasting french fry.  Tastes kinda like a dough-nut too.

The pit stop overlooked part of the sea, and gave us a clear view to the mountains that lay ahead: one and two:

While at the half-way point, Kyle picked up a bag of Digestive's


At the base of the Unzen Moutain resort is a national park dedicated to the natural hot spring water that spews from the earth. We walked around for about an hour.

Panoramics: one, two, and three.

The Unzen Hot Springs are known for their nature, but also hold some history as well. During the purge of Christanity from Nagasaki, the shogun would bring christians to the hot springs and boil them alive.

This cross is for those who haved died here at the springs because of their Christianity.

More Panoramics: one, two, three, four, and five


The Hot Springs smelt like ass though. Natural Springs are bred from Volcanic activity which reeks of Sulfur. Smell some sulfur sometime to know what i'm taking about.

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