The Return of Yoshinoya's Gyuudon (牛丼)

So this morning was the return of Yoshinoya's Gyuudon. From previous posts: Yoshinoya is a fast food type chain of delicious rice bowl menu items. Gyuudon is their popular beef bowl which they have been unable to serve to the public thanks to the government banning the import of Beef, which in December 2003. In July 2006, the ban was lifted, but the public were still uneasy with the beef. Today, on September 18th, Yoshinoya has decided to bring back their beef bowl. The would start serving them at 11am and would continue until sold out.

I had to get myself one ^_^.

As i waited for five to get ready, i walked around a bit to access more damage from yesterday's typhoon.

The top corner of this building's roof is a bit broken up.. Also, they was plenty of leaves and branches all over the place.

During the storm, this house was taking quite a beating.. The storm shutters were down, but the roof over the garage started coming loose and flying around. You can see some of the garage roof torn up:

I went up the hill to go back to five's place and came across the grown over houes again.. There were some stray cats on the roof. The mother cat stared at me the whole time, but the little children starting playing around with each other. ^_^


Anywho.. i grabbed five and we went down to the local Yoshinoya for some Beef bowl. There were some TV crew there, and a line of about 12 people.. we got there around 10:45 am, 15 minutes before they would be serving the beef bowl, and the began to grow pretty quickly..

They did quite a good job of regulating people grabbing take-out, and those who wanted to sit down to eat

I order the big beef bowl, while five ordered the small beef bowl. People continued to sift through the restaurant as we waited for our food. They were quite organized i must say. If this was some place in america, i bet people would be pushing each other over, or being jerks to each other. Everyone was quite polite and waited for their turn. Our food had arrived:

It even came in it's own Beef branded bowl. It was pretty good ^_^. Very tastly with that distinct taste of beef that i hadn't had this whole trip.

As a bonus, we also got some Beef Bowl bandana's... or flags.. or something:

Whoo hooo... momento.

We were one of the first one's into the restaurant, and the line was still pretty huge as we left:


It's pretty funny to see people worked up over something pretty trivial.. Though the Beef Bowl WAS one of their signature dishes. If McDonald's couldn't sell the BigMac anymore for some reason, do you think this many people would line up if the brought it back for a single day? eh.. I suppose some would.

Later on in the evening, five got a message from his ex-girlfriend that we were on TV for a few seconds. ^_^

Update: here's an article

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