Once we got to nagasaki, i had to lug my luggage up this huge hill to get to five's apartment. He kept complaining about how small his apartment is, and to not expect much.

So when i got inside his apartment, it was actually alot bigger than i thought it would be. It was thinking it'd be as small the hotel room we stayed at the previous night. It's actually pretty much as big as the place i was living over the summer in madison ^_^. Though, there's absolutely no counter space to prepare food. Apparently five eats out everyday because of this. so far i've spent about $10-$15 on food per day.

That's pretty pricey if this trend continues for my 100 day stay. Though, the amount of money i will get back from living in a dorm rather than a host family will pretty much cover that, so i think i'm good to go. Once i get used to buying groceries, and preparing them i can start thinking about cheaping out for food.
After dumping my luggage off at his place and hanging out for a short while, we ventured forth again to show me around this area a little bit, and to get my laptop and adapter.

Even though, Japan uses a very similar power current to the US, all of their outlets have the two prongs. None of them have three prongs like all of our top end electronics. Not that a third leg is really useful anyways, it just keeps you from falling down as easy.

the first place we stopped at was called london park, his local arcade. They had plenty of fighters and shooters there, along with an entire wall of bemani games. the Beatmania II Dx machine was huge:

although, five said it was actually rather cheap compared to the high-end arcades around. But, we found what i was looking for: DDR SuperNova.

Before i dumped in my 100å?? coin, five brought me around the corner to this card dispenser. You can pay 400å?? and receive your Konami e-Amusement Pass that most konami games read. I put my card in DDR SuperNova and registered my name and location. We couldn't find America quick enough, so i'm register under Nagasaki.

This card will keep track of ALL your scores you get when you complete songs. I cycled through the song list, and chose songs that popped out at me as being interesting. I found a remix of Seduction (from DDRex2), Des-row had a new song, and then a chose this catchy tune, AA, by dj amuero. I don't think i made it 20% through the list of songs, and i had heard of none of these songs before. Maybe i didn't get far enough to the songs from previous versions. Also, i didn't check to see which songs were red. I'll do that soon enough though.

We went to the department store right after this because it was getting late, and we didn't want it to the close before we got there. We looked around a bit at some of the stuff. Found this somewhat funny tshirt and a display for the japanese release of LOST.
We found a power adapter, picked up a blanket, and some food. Check out what i ate:

I said to myself, "something this horribly revolting has got to be good." It wasn't the best thing i've had, though. It tasted like sweet soft cooked mushrooms.

While at the grocery store, i found some Superman cereal: Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, and Bran Falkes. The awesome knows no bounds. It came out in theaters a few weeks ago over here, and five expressed interest in seeing it as well. ^_^

There was also gigantic beer cans with air compressors to keep it cold:

Unlike that crappy Japanese Sapporo beer i had at the SPAMM Beer fest, this stuff doesn't look like it was brewed in Canada. In fact, i haven't seen any beer that looks like what i had bought for the Beer fest. It appears that i was ripped off.


Anyways, so far has been pretty fantastic. I woke up today and looked out the window to this:

Today he's gone working in Omura from 10 AM to 11 PM, so i've got the whole day to myself pretty much. There is a shrine right around the corner we passed several times on our way back up here. Today, i can really test if 'fending for myself' is as easy as i think it is from my previous posts.

A mailman came to the door earlier, and i had no idea what he said.

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