Yen is weird

haha.. mcdonalds, i'm stealing your internet.

anyways, i thought i would post something about my trip to Japan before i left.


A few weeks ago, I contacted my bank and my credit card company about studying abroad to let them know them i'm going to be out of the country and using my accounts out of the country. In doing so, i ordered some Yen from my account so i can actually buy stuff when i land in Japan.

Yen is pretty neat:

I just ordered 20000 yen worth since i figured that it would only hold me over for the night. Then i could get settled and retrieve some more from the ATM.

I started putting my yen into my wallet when i noticed something rather interesting:

It never really crossed my mind, but yen is actually bigger than Dollars

like.. this much bigger..

equally interesting is that yen isn't even the same size compared to each other:

they are just a little bit different.. odd.

anyways, i put the stuff into my wallet even though it doesn't really fit:

it just sticks out of the top a little bit.


Anyways, my plane leaves bright and early tomorrow morning from Minneapolis. Overall my travel is 23 hours :/.. I have a quite flight down to Dallas, and then a 17 hour flight over to Tokyo. In Tokyo, i have a 4 hours lay over before my 1 1/2 hour flight to Fukuoka.

During those 4 hours i plan on puchasing this Japanese Dictionary for the DS: The Rakubiki Jiten, which allows you to draw in Kanji using the Touch Screen, and it'll translate the characters and give you the meaning, the romaji, and the english translated word. It's rather well know dictionary too, so i figure that it will be rather easy to find at Narita airport in Tokyo when i'm there for 4 hours.

I need to make sure not to run my DS out of batteries on the way there though. I should've bought this DS USB power cable, so i could recharge it using my laptop's battery mid-trip. :shrugs: oh well.


Anyways, i'm outta here. Later USA.

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