So, on the way here, i realized that i completely forgot to bring over any of my japanese dictionaries. I was kinda mad at the moment, but then i said to myself, "whatever.. i know some japanese. i can get around easy without them." It's been coming back pretty fast, too. Most of the phrases i think of that i'll probably have to say are things that i already do know how to say. I just need to remember them. Things like 㝩ã?㝫ã??ã?㝝㝾ã?㝯 just come to mind.

So far i've really only spoken a little bit of japanese, and that was to a guy who was already speaking to me in English. He asked me if i knew how to speak Japanese at all, i thought i was being clever by replying: ã?㝝ã?ã?? But apparently 'little' to him was still far advanced, because i know idea what he said after that to 'test' me. I've pretty much been speaking to people in english, pretending like i think they understand what i'm saying. Things like 'excuse me' and 'thank you', which are the first things you learn when studying the language. I feel like that out of place English guy you see in some Anime.

I kinda wish that i would've brought just a little more money. I got 20000å?? for my trip, but i probably should've grabbed $400 worth instead. I've already used up about $80 of it. I bought an umbrella ^_^, among other things.

Also, #five and i checked into this hotel near by, so we could still check out Fukuoka tomorrow instead of going directly back to Nagasaki. This room is so damn tiny. I don't know why i was expecting a bigger room when Seb has already shown me pictures of how tiny these places are. The bathroom is like something you'd find in an RV. Here's a hastenly put together panaromic shot: click!
When #five and i were checking in, the desk clerk made some comments about my name being Jimmy Hendricks. Good lord. "Ah.. Jimmy Hendricks? Ahaha. Do you listen to Purple Haze?" It never fails does it <_<

We're at the Green Hotel 2 at the moment, and apparently when you come into town, the school sets you up in the Green Hotel 1, so #five figures that i haven't really been missing anything so far.

After we checked in and i had someplace to dump my huge-ass luggage, we were able to walk around town much more freely. I had slept off and on for the past 7 hours of my flight, so i figured another couple hours of checking out places was fine for my consciousness.

We went to this little restaurant outside, which was pretty cheap. Before you come inside, you make your selection from the choices outside in the window. When you've made your selection, there's a vending machine inside the little restaurant that you dump your change into to pay for the meal. This machine will output a ticket. We just found a place to sit, and then you hand over the ticket to the waitress when she notices you. It completely elimates the need for a cashier at their restaurant, which is a rather novel idea. Then they only have to focus and cooking and serving.

Here's what i got:

It was so good. I've had something slightly similar to this before, but it, in no way, compares. man.. i can still taste it. Good thing food is relatively cheap here, i could easily go broke eating around town. Mitsuwa's restaurants are pretty representative of Japan, afterall. ^_^

So let's here.. I've bought 4 things so far, and my change is already pilling up. They have 500å?? and 100å?? coins here (equivalent to $5 and $1), which are used qiute often. Since their change is in such high denominations, they use vending machines and automated machines for alot of their transactions. #five states they i'll definately want to pick up a little coin wallet to carry around my change. I wonder if i can find that little froggie wallet from Naruto around here.

Also, you need to carry around your passport at all times. I don't have my 'alien registration' card just yet, so my passport works as a substitution. If you don't have one of these forms of ID on you, they'll hold you at the police station. I don't think i'm going to test that one out..

So far, the idea that i'm in Japan and away from the US hasn't really set it. I feel like i could drive an hour away from here and be back in familar surroundings. Having #five here for me, showing me around, and helping me out has been invaluable. If i truley did come here alone, and had to wait for the Nagasaki representative and have them show me around, i would've been FARRR more nervous. But, being free of some set schedule and having a guide puts all those little fears to rest.

Maybe #five and i should come back up here next week and intercept the rest of you guys when you arrive, along with the Nagasaki rep. Hmm.. but then again, it is 2 hours away.. More boring travel. Besides, if it's this Mark guy that comes to meet up with you, it'll pretty much be the same situation.

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