On a Jet Plane

Oh my god, this flight is so damn boring. It amazing how you think you're prepared to waste 23 hours playing Nintendo DS, and you can't make it half way through the trip without wishing you brought some other form of entertainment. I blame that on the games though. Deep Labyrinth is pretty bad, and Mario Kart isn't the type of game you play for an entire day straight.

Also, i've seen Nacho Libre twice on the flight already, and i'll probably watch it another 3 times before i land in Tokyo. Like everything on the plane it has japanese subtitles to go with it, so i've been practicing my Katakana quite a bit. I keep seeing ���� during the movie, and i couldn't figure it out, until it just clicked.. wrestler.

I'm going to have to kiss that boarding pass attendant guy that i got this morning, as i rolled into Minneapolis airport around 6:30 AM. He modified my flight path to fly out of Chicago, rather than all the way down to Dallas. Thus changed my flight time from 17 hours down to 12 hours. I haven't even been on this flight long enough to cover that difference, and i'm already going stir crazy. Ok, that doesn't make sense, Chicago would save me 5 hours?.. Oh.. i added, wrong. That would've been a 13 hour flight, not 17.

Japan is ahead 14 hours from the US (15 during daylight savings), so i'm used to always adding 2 and 12 hours to our time to get Japan time. I keep forgetting i have to do the reverse from overhere. it hasn't quite clicked yet <_<

I don't think this flight would be as boring if i could have the window shutter open to watch outside the whole time. For these long flights, they shut off all the lights and close all the windows, to give people the option to sleep, rather than keep them awake.

I really wish i would've installed Google Earth on my computer before i left so i could actually identify to mountains and lakes as we fly over there, rather than relying on the flight information solely.

The onboard flight display is rather informational about our current flight status. It cycles through a bunch of maps of exactly where we are on Earth, along with Miles remaining, time remaining, time in tokyo, time at home, time underneath us. In fact, I've got exactly 7 hours left before i land over there.

Oddly enough, Tokyo, Japan is almost exactly 10,000 km from Chicago. What a weird little fun-fact that will ultimately prove useless.

One thing that never really occured to me because i wasn't thinking outside the box, was the curvature of our flight path. I mean, yes we're flying on a straight path directly to tokyo, and the shortest distancee between those two points, but on a flat map it's a semi-circle. I wasn't taking into account the curvature of the Earth and the flight path being wrapped around it. So actually, we haven't even touched the Pacific ocean yet. Currently, we're above Alaska. I wonder if i can see that screwed up oil main... :looks outside: .. holy crap, snowy mountains!

jesus, check out those last mountains. I bet they were pretty snowy before global warming.

oh god, my eyes.. i shoulon't go back and forth between the bright vast outdoors and the dim boring indoors so fast. Oooohhh.. looks like we're almost at Archoridge. hey wait a second, that looks a hell of alot bigger than it did in the movie Insomnia. Hmm... that was archoridge in that movie, wasn't it?

man, that's so bizzarre.. it's a pretty big city, but it is surrounded by absolutely nothing. how desolate.

anyways... now that i've officially decided i don't give a shit .. i'm going to stare out the window for the next several hours.

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