Richard Divine @ Inferno, Madison

it had been so very very long.. i believe the last time i went out to a club was john digweed in july of 2004. i think that was the same night all those homeless people tried to jump me too. last night was the refreshment i needed. living in minneapolis was great because of the huge events but my job would physically tire me out and i would still have to drive an hour to get downtown. with madison, i don't completely exhaust myself with my job and i can practically walk downtown. there wasn't a moment of feeling physically tired last night.. madison <3

anyways, about a week ago, i went out to racine with dave, tony and eric. they went back to their hometowns because of harbor fest, and their favorite band was playing over there: gaelic storm. i died have anything better to do, so i decided to meet up with them and check it out. i've been looking to get back into some kind of music, anyways.

Gaelic Storm was alright. Their music was quite amazing, but their lyrics seemed rather simple. Their were like any country song or 90s pop song. verse, chorus, verse, chorus, instrumental, chorus. oh well.. it was a family event type thing, so the whole drunken irish thing didn't quite take off.

But, wholey, i was inspired. The crowd was pumped, and my friends were in awe. I missed that feeling. The feeling of enjoying the music to its full extent that you feel it throughout your body. That same feeling everyone feels in the club that builds an immense vibe. I felt like everyone at gaelic storm had that feeling except for me. I felt that vibe at the concert, but it wasn't my vibe.

As soon as i returned from racine, i hopped on the internet in search of outlets. I wanted to reclaim that feeling that i once had with my music. i found quite a bit of things scattered throughout the weekends in madison.

Richard Devine was going to be at Inferno on friday and this was exactly what i wanted and he did not disappoint.

i was expected some pure techno beats coming from those speakers, but the man is a technical artist. he tore up every track he played. amazing. i'm surprised my ears aren't still ringing.

also amazing was dj espe who headlined. i arrived well into his amazing electro set.

inferno has certainly pulled itself together from what i remember of it back in the day. maybe i just missed the good nights or something. even though the place only had about 200 or 300 people, the vibe was definately there and some organization is present.

this coming weekend Nosmo formerly of Grayarea will descend on madcity along with Phil of eccentric beats headlining. i remember seeing that guy all the time in minneapolis ^_^.

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