The Unsen Resort

After the Unsen Springs, we journeyed to the resort for the night. The resort boasted public baths filled with the natural spring water from the Unzen. The hotel provided us with Yukatas (fancy pajamas) to wear around the hotel.

The public bath was actually a rather relaxing and healthy for the body. Though, the only people in there were us foreignor people and a bunch of old japanese guys. The girl bath was on the otherside of the wall connecting the two rooms.....

The bath water itself was amazing hot, though no one else seemed to complain about it as much as i had. I'm more of a cold blooded creature than most it would seem.

From the earlier tour, i was expecting some extravagent outdoor spring resort with rocks and mountains and monkeys and stuff, but it was really just an indoor type of thing you could find at a YMCA or something. Though, those other places wouldn't have the natural spring water that burnt it's smell into your hair and fingers.

After a quick dip on the hot spring, we had a feast in a tatami room.

We followed beer rules for the water, so Kyle got to pour us plenty of water:

Panoramic Shot: one

After dinner, and another dip in the bath, we did some Karaoke:

Brett sang some Gackt, and Kyle tried to sing Memories by Ayumi Hamasaki.. Brett had to go up there and help him though.

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