Around Sumiyoshi into Nagayo

yesterday, Ryan told us where we could find some Death cigarettes, so after school went with down to Sumiyoshi where they were and snapped a few shots:

Pretty scary. The reason they are labeled Death cigarettes is because they are unfiltered, so you get the pure joy of screwing over your lungs.

Around the corner i saw a little stray cat run by, so i took off after it to snap a picture

This was the best i could take before it took off in the other direction, through traffic, and then between a couple houses.

I swear... taking pictures of cats around here is alot like Pokemon Snap for N64. You have to be quick and cunning to snap the perfect picture, otherwise they'll run away and you'll miss your opportunity. In other cases, you need to bait them out into the open to get a good shot. And other cats will just come up to you and hang out without giving a shit. And in other cases you need to poke them with sticks for fun.

I proceeded down the road to take a look into the Sumiyoshi You-Ing for some more games. I found a copy of IQ Final for $5, Stand Alone Complex Production notes with a sweet cover, and the LE cover for Advent Children. That was a bit pricey though. The also had LE copies of Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2. Upstairs they lined the walls with some children's colorings of Detective Conan.

You-Ing was rather boring, so i didn't stay all that long. It was still about 2pm though, so i needed something to do. I decided to venture forth into the unknown and see where i'd end up.. I took off in the opposite direction, away from the city and places that i knew of.. I came into an intersection, and went underneath a tunnel:

Besides mountains, naturally, Japan also has quite a bit of tunnels. We went through about 10 tunnels on over journey from Fukuoka to Nagasaki.

On the other side of this tunnel was a Hydro electric plant:

There was a guy on the top of the damn practicing Martial Arts and doing kicks in mid-air. It reminded me of Rocky for some reason. This guy was in tip-top physical condition. After doing all these air kicks, he took off running past me and along the river bed.

I continued walking towards that direction, since it led back into town.

Probably the most prevalent thing i've learned from studying abroad is the amount of distance one can cover by simply walking. Besides the 30 minute walk to school each day, i've spent at least 4 hours walking around from here to there. I'm sure i walk around 5 or 6 miles a day. When i get home in the night, i'm so fricken tired that i usually just instantly go to bed.

Anyways, i made my way back to the strip, bought some curry, and went back home. Here's some panoramic shots i took because i was bored: here's the bridge over the train tracks, and here's the Toys R Us near the dorm.

I should be set now that i've picked up a bunch of instant curry and a rice cooker. I should be able to eat on $2 a day, rather than the $15 i've been spending out until now.

Instant Curry is rather delicious ^_^. I've picked up enough for the next week.

It's quite easy to make as well. Inside the box is a little silver package. You stick this into boiling for a little while to cook it. 5 minutes later, it's done ^_^. Just empty out the package on rice and you're set to eat it.

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