Shopping Arcade

Sunday was spent walking around again. Hell why not. Walking is free and japanese is interesting. I found an actual Border Down Arcade machine. whee.. and a stray cat:

We went into China town looking for some delicious food and it was nicely decorated ^_^

Apparently, the night before they had some huge festivel here <_<... if only i knew about it one day prior. China town is filled with fancy restaurants and beatiful architecture. This one restaurant had a pretty pond out front with some delicious looking fish:

All the food looked so delicious, but i wanted something cheap and delicious, rather than just delicious. We went back to the Shopping Arcade and found a place tucked quiet far into a nook. it had a weird little statue out front..

It screamed, there is cheap food and interesting things inside if you were to come in. I had some DELICIOUS ramen there. A huge bowl filled with noodles, meat, and corn. Oddly enough, it's the first little bit of ramen i've had this whole trip. I should really have more ^_^. Instant stuff does not compare to the delicious-ness.

As we exited the nook, there was a crowd around a little book store.

Apparently, there was an impromptu showcase of little girl that knew how to play the Piano really really well. This first girl we saw was amazing, but this second girl got up and just plain sucked. She wasn't stern enough with her finger pounding so it was too quiet, and the song choice wasn't really all that captivating. So we took off to look for clothing stores and other places.

I found some interesting pants in this hip-hop clothing shop:

West-side Nagasaki... all the way.  I think that one mannequin is doing the shocker.
I finally did find a pretty good engrish shirt on my daily travels:

This was really all i could find though. Truely great Engrish shirts are tough to find around here. I wonder if its like that for all of japan. We went in and out of several clothing stores, but it was almost all American clothing. Oddly enough, Kyle found a shirt from his High School at one of the stores. What an eerie feeling.

We came across a store that was alot like Spencer's Gifts. The had alot of Colonel Sander's keychains, a creepy McDonald's hat, and some interesting Winter wear. I don't think those hats would work very well when robbing a bank.

We went to a few more places but got tired of not finding anything particularly engrish. I bought some more groceries at the local stores. Mainly more curry and some instant ramen. I bought a bowl too so i could actually eat the ramen.

I was quite delicious ^_^. here's the ramen i purchased:

It was $1 and it came with enough for 2 people. It easy to cook, just as any ramen. Just dump all the contents into a pot or pan:

Cook for a while:

and viola! Food:

This stuff was very very good. I think american Instant ramen could take a few lessons about NOT deep frying their noodles. I think if i picked up some eggs and fishcake it would make this the best tasting instant ramen ever made. Perhaps some spice would help out things too.

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