For my stay in Japan, i chose to go with the dormatory option rather than a host family. I'm a pretty independent person, so i thought living in the dormatory would give me more freedom then being tied down to a family. Also, they refund $300 a month from your tuition and it gave other people a chance for a family. I'm pretty happy with it. Here's the dorm:

It's pretty freakin' dank. But the rooms are pretty good. Everyone morning i wake up to a spider in every window.

The dorm has 4 floors, and each floor has it's own kitchen and bathroom. The showers are all the way downstairs, but are usually empty in the morning. The japanese like to go to bed clean, rather than start the day clean.

The dorm is a bit out of the way though. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to school, and about 10 minutes to the nearest market or convience store. The Bus rolls by the front of the dorm all the time, but i really don't like spending $2 a ride. I think that's what has been eating up my money the most.

There are a few bars though. Just down the street is Beard:

One night, Leigh and I stopped in for some food. An experimentation if you will. I looked through the menu and ordered Takowasa, which was Octopus something. And what did i get?

Octopus something indeed. This stuff was gross. It was chopped out octopus parts in goo.

Unfortunately, Orientation is pretty damn boring.. It been all common sense stuff that i've either already figured out, or could figure out given the chance. Oh well.. somethings are best learned when told twice.

Here's all the NICS and JASIN students studying here at the university:

The biggest crowd they've had yet.

I also stopped off at a few more games stores.. I found Star Soldier on Gamecube for $30 (kinda expensive), the Metal Gear Solid Gamecube, Chu Chu Rocket Controller, and a PS2 game called Steady Study O_o..

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