It's heavy

This morning I woke up around 4:30 in the morning. It was the first time I had ever woken up to my alarm and not gone back to bed immediately. It wasn't too difficult since I went to bed around 9:45 the night before. I got out of my bed closet and went into the bathroom, dragging some clothes with. I took a shower and washed the night away to make a clean break for the day ahead.

I left my new apartment around 5 o'clock, while it was still fairly dark out. It's been a while since I've seen a sunrise, but with the cloud cover vast and dark, it would still be a while longer. I got into the car that I'm borrowing and went to my local Wal*mart.

Wal*mart didn't open until 6, but since they were only getting 6 Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 Bundles, I figured that I would have to wait outside before anyone else arrived in order to procure one. I had this planned out all week for today's release.

On my drive, I nervously thought to myself if another 6 people were already waiting at the door, perched to snatch the few precious copies. I had the rest of the morning planned out if such an event occurred for the other 24 hour Wal*mart said that if their night crew hadn't put their copies out throughout the night, the morning crew, which started at 7, would surely do so. I had my suspicions, though.  If not, there was still Shopko at 8, Best Buy at 9, and Toys R Us at 10.
I turned onto Gammon and as I neared the beltline, Wal*mart was in clear view from across the highway. All the street lamps illuminated the area like a massive spotlight in the grim dark of morning. It went out of view when I continued underneath the bridge. The tree line hide the shopping center on the other side.

I turned the corner and then turned into parking lot which joined both Wal*mart and Sam's Club. Several cars were grazing in the parking lot. Most of them keeping to themselves, but there were a few grouped together near the entrance. I couldn't make out any figures from my current distance, but as I neared, there were definitely a couple people outside. The group finally came into focus and a mere 4 figures emerged. Yes! Call me Number 5.

I park my car, went outside and approached the line just as the clock hit 5:15. In the line stood 2 couples, so I was actually Number 3. We talked about Metal Gear, and other games to purchase. As the minutes trickled by, another person joined us and the conversation. Then another.. and eventually another.

Number 6 joined the line around 5:45, so I could've waited a little longer before getting to Wal*mart, but I'm fine with my position in line. 3 other groups of people were too late.

At 6 o'clock the doors opened and inside we went. Unfortunately, the staff were confused as to why we were there, and even more confused when trying to ring us up at the register. This whole free $100 gift card w/ purchase of Blu-ray player this week wasn't trained to the entire staff.  It took the 6 of us a couple minutes to go through the check-out lines, but by 6:30 I was out of Wal*mart with both Giftcard and PS3 in hand.


After you purchase a Playstation 3 and lift the box, I think everyone's puzzled expression is the same, "It's heavy". The thing weighs 16 lbs according to my bathroom scale. It's a heavy-duty piece of equipment.

Anywho, now it's about 7 o'clock and it's almost time to go to work..... LONGEST WORK DAY EVER! At least, now when I go to Wal*mart for lunch I won't need to pay for the next month or two.