The Secret of Crystania

The Secret of Crystania is a full-length feature fandub project created by over 25 members of SPAMM, the Society of Platteville Anime and Maniacs, led by me, Tony, Zach, and Niehaus, and completed in the Spring of 2006.

Production began in late 2004, and later, in December 2013, Zach and Tony completed the "Donut of Power Edition" DVD, which is available above and from the following sources:

The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - DVD (Mega)
The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - DVD (MediaFire)
The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - DVD (Google Drive)

The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - MKV (Mega)
The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - MKV (MediaFire)
The Secret of Crystania: DoPE - MKV (Google Drive)

And here are the credits:


Billy Winchester
Ted Mussolini
Harriet Tubman /
  Anna Therma
Agora Miasma
Baron Winchester
Tobor Dynamax
Silvia Airebourne
Bell Siphalus
Shireen Karkov

Susan Winchester
Spirit of Crystania Past
Xygord Prime
The Wise Ugly Bear Monk
Ugly Bear Monk Peon 1
Ugly Bear Monk Peon 2
Battalion Squad Leader
Battalion Invader 3
Battalion Invader 4
Battalion Invader 7
Battalion Invader 8
Battalion Pursuer 1
Battalion Pursuer 2
Battalion Pursuer 3
Battalion Pursuer 4
Lizardman Lieutenant
Lizardman Lackey 1
Injured Villager 1
Injured Viallage 2
"Crippled" Joe Walkman
Screaming Villager
Refugee Lt. General
Refugee Squad Leader 1
Refugee Squad Leader 2
Refugee Army

Brett Augustine
Erika Lamm
Jon Fischer
Matthew Niehaus
Jim Hendricks
Zachary Swagel
Christi Niermann

Dave Owen
James Ghitleman
Tony Gregerson
Kyle Hughart
Liz Hamel
Matthew Feldman
Jon Fischer
Becky Lamm

Megan Dival
James Paulson
Dave Owens
KJ Flynn
Jason Kilcher
Jesse Robinson
Daine Lesniak
Matt Landon
Jarred Howard
DC Yang
Chris Gross
Jarred Howard
Daine Lesniak
Chris Gross
Matt Landon
Jon Fischer
Jarred Howard
DC Yang
Matt Landon
Jarred Howard
Jarred Howard
James Paulson
Chris Gross
Matt Landon
Diane Lesniak
James Paulson
Jason Kilcher
DC Yang
Jarred Howard
Tony Gergerson
Jim Hendricks


Executive Producer

Technical Lead

Script Writing


Recording Directors

Sound Engineer

Sound Assistance

Best Boy
Best Boy Grip

Assistant to Mr. Hendricks
Assistant to Mr. Gregerson
Assistant to Mr. Swagel
Fact Checker

Additional Artwork
DVD Architect

Jim Hendricks

Tony Gregerson

Zachary Swagel

Jim Hendricks
Tony Gregerson

Jim Hendricks
Tony Gregerson

Jim Hendricks
Tony Gregerson
Zachary Swagel

Zachary Swagel

Tony Gregerson
Matthew Niehaus
Jim Hendricks
Jesse Robinson

Shuichi Shindou
Yuki Eiri
Matthew Niehaus
Jim Hendricks
Tony Gregerson
Zachary Swagel
Jim Hendricks
Jake Aschebrook
Josh Ericson
Matthew Niehaus
Jesse Robinson

Zachary Swagel
Jim Hendricks
Tony Gregerson

Original Creation

English Version

Software Used

Background Music

Opening Theme
Performed by

Closing Theme
Performed by
Written by

Ryo Mizuno

ADV Films

GoldWave 5.06
Adobe Premiere 6.5
Adobe After Effects 6.5
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
DVD-lab V2.0

Jarred Howard
and others…

"Haruka na Inori"
Yoko Hagino
Junko Tsuboi
Tony Gregerson
Jim Hendricks

"L 2 to egend of Crystania"
Michael Braun

Special Thanks

George Lucas, Frank Herbert, Ivan Rietman, Shigeru Miyamoto, Chuck Palahniuk, Megumi Hayashibara, James Matthew Barrie, Ryo Mizuno, Matt Greenfield, Jerry Lee Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Orson Welles, Keiji Inafune, Toru Iwatani, J.R.R. Tokien, Foreignor, Paul Lewis, Smilin' Bob, Alex Winter, W.K. Kellogg, Herman Devry, Gary Gygax, Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, Ziggy Stardusk, Wild, Yasunori Mitsuda, Robert Jordan, Jeffrey Lieber, Trevor Jones, Akai, Jean Chalopin, The Furry Alliance, Sarah Winchester, Bruce Willis, Carl Winslow, Antonio Banderas, Lockehead Martin, Frank Sholler, Lorne Michaels, Thomas Nipple, Alex Wilson, Topher Marohl, Abit, Studio Deen, Ann Coulter, Robert Hamburger, Chuck Diesel…

… and fan dubbers everywhere!


In October 2004, I announced my plans for the fandub.

We held several meetings to develop the characters, story and plot. We wanted to write a completely unique and separate story from the original. We watched the movie several times in Japanese without subtitles. None of us really knew Japanese, so we weren't able to understand it. We created a list of key scenes and plot changes throughout the film, and then brainstormed for ideas. We tried to come up with anything we thought either fit or was funny.

Over the Christmas break, I handed out blank scripts to everyone so would could develop the dialogue. Tony and I were the only ones that actually wrote something. We both wrote nearly complete scripts. Our overall shooting script was a combination of the funnier parts of each script.

We began recording lines soon after. It didn't take long to realize just how massive the scale of this project was after that first night of recording. Recording lines takes quite a while. Plus you need to work with everyone's schedule, in order to get everyone together. Our initial goal was to finish the movie by April 2005. That was simply not feasible.

We gave ourselves another year, and came up with a strict recording schedule of 3 or 4 hours every Monday night. We'd even having some fun recording parties on the weekends to tackle some of the larger scenes with multiple characters. Tony and I would direct the voice actor, while Zach would record. While not recording, Zach would assemble the lines in premiere and put the movie together.

All in all, the movie was completely finished within the hour of its premiere at Plattecon 2006. We screened the movie on Saturday night, and we were still recording lines that afternoon. I think as people started sitting in the screening room, the rendering had just finished on Zach's computer :)

Legend of Crystania

Prior to the fandub, I don't think I had ever actually seen The Legend of Crystania. I only saw parts of it. The animation quality was goofy and weird. Very different than a typical anime of the time. It wasn't until we were watching it as the group developing the story that I realized just how poorly put together it was. It was like a movie version of some show where characters had already been introduced and known, so the film just skipped over that stuff. If you didn't know the characters before, people of new characters just come out of nowhere. It's very confusing.

The Internet at the time hated this movie, too. Abcb has some great reviews on the original movie before the dub:

"Not 5 minutes into the movie I was questioning "why". Why was I sitting there watching this drivel, why is the main character acting like a total idiot, and why oh *why* was I still watching the thing?! The voice acting was, to put things mildly, pathetic. Overacted in some places, just plain *awful* in others. I couldn't really get into the movie whatsoever.." "I can think of other series that could have been licensed other than this one. Truly this LaserDisc deserves to be buried. The only question is whether it would stay there." --JYN,

"This has got to be the worst show I've ever watched. I'm still not sure what the story is supposed to be about. There's no real story, and there's no real flow. Characters are thrown into the script indiscriminately. Animation quality is mixed. If this ever gets dubbed in English, I hope it's totally re-written." -- AN,

"I hope it's totally re-written" is a very prophetic quote. :)

DVD Release

We screened Crystania at Plattecon 2006 and No Brand Con 2006. After we planned on making a DVD on the movie to distribute to people. But, we started graduating, and going our separate ways. Plus, our motivation was low because we had just completed this massive project and we wanted some time off. Also, creating the DVD was more of a singular effort, rather than the group effort the production took in the first place.

Tony worked on the DVD and created a beta version by summer, but he and Zach were unhappy with some of the imperfections of the film. Some lines were still missing, and a few others weren't timed correctly. Zach vowed to fix them, but time got away from him.

Fast forward almost 8 years later. On Christmas 2013, Zach and Tony completed their edits and released the Donut of Power Edition of Crystania. This edition has the following features:

  • A full DVD menu
  • Three full commentary tracks
  • A remastered audio track with fixes from the previously viewed version
  • Behind-the-scenes photos, video, and audio from the production
  • Selections from The Secret of Crystania audio book, by Tony
  • The single L-to-the-egend of Crystania by Cellblock
  • and several other hidden features and files on the disc

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