PAX 09: Dead Space Extraction Hands On

There weren't many games in fall 08 that lived up to the hype, except Dead Space. After playing Dead Space at PAX 08, I was sold. Dead Space had a very rich atmosphere compiled by an organic sci-fi environment and detailed distinct sharp sound quality. My hype was vindicated when I played through the game in one sitting.

Dead Space Extraction is the complete opposite of everything that made the original so fantastic. It's not an adventure game at all; it's an on-rails action game. The brilliance of Dead Space was suspense.  Because the player had complete control over the movement of the main character, Isaac, you controlled the suspense. The player could slow down if the suspense was too much, or take on the situation without thinking twice.

All of that is completely removed from Dead Space Extraction because you are not in control. You just shoot monsters when the pop out of walls and run at you. There's absolutely no suspense, so why even bother. Dead Space Extraction does not nothing to differentiate itself from House of the Dead, or any other on-rails shooters. Shoot, Reload, Pick up Ammo, Repeat, Fight Boss.  I'm not even sure I would like it even if I wasn't such a fan of the first game.

Extraction shouldn't even be considered as the "next" Dead Space game. It's just a set piece for providing background story in the overall Dead Space universe. I don't think many people really care about that. And your standard Wii owner is definitely not going to care about it.

Dead Space Extraction releases on the Wii sometime this fall.