Pokemon Go Raid Counters (updated)

I have updated my the codebase for my Raid Counter lists in Pokemon Go. Overall, the calculation method are still based on Gamepress's Comprehensive DPS Spreadsheet, but now I'm pulling my data from Poke_Miner's Game Master file, and also updated the UI to be more visually appealing and understandable.

List of General Raid Counters

In addition, there are two others pages.

Personal Raid Counter List — I made a page that uses Pokemon in my game to determine whether or not I can defeat the raid boss using just my two accounts. It's not up to date.

Top Counters per Pokemon Type — Another page compares Pokemon of each type against a generic Arceus to see which is strongest within each type, and overall. It's up to date, but I haven't focused on readability.


The purpose of these pages is to determine which Pokemon are the strongest against Pokemon that appear as raid bosses. It's very helpful to understand which Pokemon are worth catching and leveling to take down these bosses easily. While they almost always can't be defeated with just one person, every bit helps to defeat them with the fewest amount of people as you can.

Many sites that focus of Pokemon Go offer lists of the best pokemon, but never with enough detail to understand why they're the best and never on a single page with all bosses available in the game. Gamepress's DPS page is a great resource to see how much more powerful one pokemon is than another, but you have to manually search and filter everything.

Back in 2019, I first made this page. At the time, it was use the outputted data from Gamepress to create the page. Whenever there was an update, it would take a LOONGG time to redownload everything. So, last year, I rewrote the backend to do all the calculations itself using the same method as Gamepress. There's more information about here on the previous Project post: Previous Post from 2022


I liked my previous page, but it was unreadable to anyone else. Also, Gamepress almost never updates its backend data, which my page relied on.

As mentioned above, this update does two things.

First, I'm using Poke_Miner's Game Master file in Github to get my updates of Pokemon and Moves. This gets updated much more frequently when stuff changes in the game. (At least, I think it does.) Going along with this, all Pokemon data and moves are stored in the database, which makes it MUCH easier to change manually.

Second, I updated the UI. Only I could read it before. Now, I added labels on the numbers, and added images of the Pokemon and more colors, too. The Pokemon images really really pop, and make it super easy to scan the lists. I also added rounded corners, because Fuck yeah!

Further Updates

I'm not completely happy with a lot of the white-on-white text, so I need to fix that at some point.

Also, one of my users complained that he still didn't understand anything, so I was thinking of making pages for each raid boss that showed more detail, such as which moves were available, and pokemon types and weaknesses. I'll get to that at some point.