Over 20 years ago, when I was in high school, there was a show on the Sci Fi Channel called Trailer Park. It was 30 minutes long, and only showed movie trailers. Mostly trailers for new movies, but some old ones, too.

One such episode featured a movie called Schlock

It was one of the most ridiculous, bizarre, hilarious-not-hilarious, trying-too-hard things I'd ever seen at that point. Over the next few years, I searched around pawn stores, video stores, and old rental stores trying to find a copy of it on VHS, but it seemed like no one even heard of it.
The name was pretty unique, so I used it as my screen name for AOL and everything else since.

In October 2001, it was finally released on DVD, and on my birthday that year, I was finally able to see it. I had a bunch of people over to my dorm room, both friends from MN and college.

It didn't necessarily live up to my expectations, but I wasn't disappointed. In fact, there were some pretty great moments in the film. I don't really think any of my friends had quite the reactions I did.

For the last 17 years, the Schlock DVD had become quite scarce. I think 10 years ago, the DVDs were going for the same price they are now, $150.

But now, once again in my birthday month, Schlock has been released again, now on Bluray, and in a rather nice package. The booklet had a story about how John Landis scrapped together what he had to make it. There's a reversible cover. The movie is a 4k restoration. There's a few commentary tracks. New interviews. Old TV spots, and other things. It's the complete Schlock package.

It's a week late, but now I have a new version of Schlock near my birthday, and new people to show this awful movie to.

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